Yallah Deutschland

yallahdeutschland.de is the first bilingual video portal covering news for, by and about refugees.

The main idea is simple: There are many people new to Germany – and they need information. Even those who have been here before want to know more about their new neighbours.

Yallah Germany is a bilingual medium for young people interested in topics about refugees. The videos, articles and curated links provided should answer refugees’ questions about Germany and vice versa. Furthermore, Yallah wants to provide a platform for refugees to speak up for themselves.

Yallah aims at making news accessible, inspiring their audience and encouraging communication. Their work bases on the common values of equality, honesty and openness.

The team consists of journalists and citizen reporters, refugees and people who stay at home, domestic migrants and economic migrants, younger and older ones, German- and Arabic-speaking men and women. Yallah Germany is produced by Krautreporter GmbH and was developed with the support of MIZ Babelsberg.