What is Join media?

Join media includes people from Afghanistan, Austria, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Pakistan and Syria. We aim at a professional exchange of experiences between the newcomer journalists and Austrian media — first cooperations and workshops already took place.

The joinAT network was founded 2015 by Sonja Bettel, Jonas Paintner, Daniela Kraus, Fritz Hausjell and Patricia Käfer; fjum_forum for journalism and media vienna,the Department of Commuication at the University of ViennReporters without Borders Austria and Freischreiber support the initiative.

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المؤتمر الاول من نوعه : قبل وبعد ان تصبح لاجئ وتصبح تعمل في الاعلام.

Conference announcement: “Before and after being a refugee: Working in the media”

 The first conference of such kind in German-speaking countries wants to connect people working in the media – whether they have been refugees or not.

When? Tuesday, May 17, 2016: 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. // followed by a get-together
 and a panel discussion

Where? Department of Communication, University of Vienna, Währinger Str. 29, 1090 Vienna // lecture room 2, 2nd floor

// Alexandra Stanic (Biber)
// Barbara Eppensteiner (Okto)
// David Groß (Refugee TV)
// Dominik Wurnig (Yallahdeutschland)
// Ebru Taşdemir (Neue Deutsche Medienmacher)
// Luna Al-Mousli (Autorin)
// Mohammad Keivandarian (JoinAT)
// Rubina Möhring (Reporter ohne Grenzen)
// Senad Hergić (Okto)
// Simon Kravagna (Biber)
// Sobhi Aksh (Biber)
// Sonja Bettel (JoinAT)

Patricipate for free!
Registration: office@join-media.eu or here

The event „Before and after being a refugee: Working in the media“ wants to provide a first systematic exchange of experiences by, with and for journalists, photographers or film makers who fled to German-speaking countries. In the course of a conference day, interactive formats should help finding answers to the question: „What perspectives are there for newcomer journalists in Austria – and what perspectives do newcomer journalists open up for Austrian journalism?“ Attendants take part in deciding what to talk about and how to structure the contents: lectures will be held rotativly for small groups and, following the barcamp method, own topics and problems can be brought in. On stage, best-practice examples will be presented and newcomer journalists will tell their own stories. The conference will be held in German and English.

Aims of the conference are:

// sustaining a network;

// fostering cooperation of journalists/people working in the media in German-speaking countries (whether they have been refugees or not) for projects addressing refugees and/or covering this topic for a broader audience;

// raising awareness for the topic and opening up perspectives in both directions;

// supporting newcomer journalists in reaching their (journalistic) goals in German-speaking countries.

The conference addresses newcomer journalists, Austrian/German/Swiss journalists who find it challenging to cover the Syrian crisis and its consequences, and media representatives who search for partners for integrative projects; furthermore, people working in public relations and political or non-governmental organisations, students and teachers.

Initiated by fjum_forum journalism and media Vienna & supported by the Department  of Communication, University of Vienna and Reporters without Borders.

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